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№9 Creating a Company.

          Are you ambitious and like working closely with other employees? Or you simply want to receive a bonus, because you go the extra mile? So check this out, if you are fed up with your dead-end job.
        We are offering you a permanent job as a translator in our “Nailed it” company. We guarantee you a promising career, friendly labour relations and an ability to work flexitime.
        For carrying out your work, you`ll get good salary (3500-5000$). But if you do overtime or take on responsibility, a reward is waiting for you: perks or bonuses. Also, there is an opportunity to get sick pay, if Longman falls on you.
        It`s a demanding job, so you must be able to meet tight deadlines and get the best out of other people. We are not saying you will be snowed under, but at the beginning it might be a daunting task to handle with all of this.
       Here is the review from one our employee:

“This work helps you to be a good team player.  And if you don`t have what it takes, anybody won`t pick holes, but just help you to become first rate

      So, feel free to apply for a job. Just don`t forget to put together your CV and attend an interview, so we will assess your skills

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№8 Education.

The first presenter is about Sugata Mitra, who is a leading authority in the field of education. He says, that our formal education is falling behind and talk about his experiment, which calls “Hole in the wall”. The result is next: children do not need to be a gifted or have a natural talent for learning to acquire knowledge. If you have a thirst for this knowledge, you will show a marked improvement. And modern technology can help you to become a quick learner.

The second video is pointing out some prblems too. The main idea is that ever child is different, but the approach is the same. In this case even for some dilligent students do a course is a tedious task. The aim of education is to achieve full marks in the test. Literate teachers must be encouraging and understand that every student has its own natural talent for something, which teacher should help to improve.

What about my ideas, I honestly think that we need to change our attitude too:
  1. Teachers just want us to successfully pass an exam. And they do not care (not all them, of course) when pupils cramming the material without understanding.
  2. We should pay more attention on core subjects we will need in our future job. For example, I don`t understand, why students of foreign languages department have 16 classes of logic and 16 classes of translation.
  3. Teachers need to bear in mind one simple idea: don't make children learn, make children want to learn.

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№6 Feelings, emotions, body language.

Missed me? I`m in a high spirit to talk about feelings, emotions and body language today. It`s not a secret, that children wear their hearts on their sleeves. Nevertheless, I cannot insist on being this kind of kids, but I want to display some of my photos from childhood.

 Maintaining eye contact is also important:

I hope these photos have made your day or made you smile at least a little bit)

2) I just love piano covers. Moreover, I feel inspired after listening to somebody`s charming performance. And one of these covers while listening I feel a shiver down my spine is “Say Something” by Christopher Miltenberger. I downloaded the sheets when I had watched it straight away. To say that I was thrilled to bits is to say nothing at all.  Every time I feel anxious I watch this video and become cool, calm and collected. It is sheer bliss.

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№4 Word families. Word formation.

“There's no such thing as dead languages,

  only dormant minds.”

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, spanish novelist

Hi, dear audience.
I`ve started with this quotation, because I`m confident if a language is beneficial, it cannot be called "dead". And I`m going to tell you why.

Latin language(in combining with Greek)- is the language of biology, philosophy, theology and many other sciences. Multitude words in different languages are produced from these two. Moreover, after learning these brief roots and prefixes, Germanic languages would be much more evident. It`s very important, especially for philologies, because these "roots" can describe the meaning.
Also, don`t you think that reading the first works, biographies or even manuscripts in the original language is just incredible? You  would understand the culture of whole past generations as well as their history.

Finally, if someboby tells you again about "dead language", do not be credulous. This person just understimates its power.

"Where are you?" Unit 7 (SB)


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№3 Online tools and resources for vocabulary building.

Dear Itzell,
How are you? I`m really glad you decided to brush up on English again. You always had a good head for learning languages. Nevertheless, I would like to do you a little favour and keep your mind on online tools. You will make a great progress, if you keep up with a modern methods and make the most of them. I guarantee expanding your vocabulary with remarkable ease.
There is a wide range of tools I would like you to be aware of.
Let`s start with dictionaries, which are part and parcel of effective studying.

Firstly, I want to concentrate your mind on "Cambridge dictionary", which includes lots of definitions as well as examples and synonyms.

Sometimes it`s hard to make sense of an abbreviation and usual dictionaries cannot help you. In this case look at the "Abbreviations and Acronyms Dictionary". At first it provides you with all possible meanings and then you can look up both definitions and translations in several languages.

And last, but not least is "Urban dictionary". You can join studying and fun using this one. Maybe after learning in this humorous way new words will never slip your head. But be careful, cause some of the constructions could be a little bit offensive or just inappropriate.

Now have a look at some tools, which can help you not to be out of practice.
"Lingvo"- the website that allows you read any site and translate an unfamiliar word in any of 12 languages immediately. Just type a link on the "Lingvo" and enjoy. 

I couldn`t omit playing games is also a good opportunity to build your vocabulary. "Word games" - it`s a site, which contains not one, but diverse games: word grid, picture word, word snake and many other.

Here my a flashcard set in Quizlet  :

I hope these tools will work for you and help achieve your goalJust rack your brains and  do your best