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№15 Environment

     Nowadays, people aren`t as environmentally aware as they should be. That`s why I want to raise the subject of the environment and talk about 2 videos.
    The first video, which is called “The future of energy?” tells us about energy conservation. Today`s world uses too much non-renewable resources such as coal, oil and so on. Overusing them is harmful to the environment, because it pollutes air and water. Moreover, it causes climate change. Finding a solution is definitely a daunting task for scientists. However, they have an idea how to prevent these dire consequences. We can use alternative energy sources. For instance, offshore wind farms or solar heating are great ways to minimize the usage of natural resources and avert an environmental catastrophe.
    Another video shows us the life of “Seed Communities”- villages, which are situated away from the city and try to live in harmony with the environment. All people have eco-homes, they do not use chemical fertilizers as well as pesticide, the main duty – is protecting the environment. Nevertheless, the main point of the Karen Litfin`s speech was not to make us leave everything, move to the wildlife and live there. She wants us to take to consideration some aspects of their lifestyle and use them in our everyday life.
      As for my country, I think a lot must be done. Firstly, we need to recycle waste like other flourishing countries. Let`s have a look at Sweden: they turn garbage into Energy. Additionally, they buy it from their neighborhoods. Secondly, we must fine people, who throw away garbage on the streets. I would cut one finger, but we live in a modern society. And finally, to use renewable energy I`ve mentioned before.
     In my opinion, all countries should adopt these ways of getting power. In conclusion, I want to say, if we want to leave something beautiful to our children and grandchildren, we must think now.

№14 Travelling

Hello Victoria
     I know how it`s hard for immigrants to move from their native country, but with your help I could do it. Thank you a lot. Without your help I wouldn`t handle it.
     With my new passport I set off for a trip overseas. Everything was ok except its length- 3 weeks is too much for me. You mentioned you didn`t take food with you, but I couldn`t resist the temptation and took it anyway. It helps me get rid of the feelings of nostalgia.

     After being checked by a doctor and asked several questions I got “home”. It was a self-catering flat. I imagined it being run-down, but as for budget accommodation it turned out to be perfect.

     After unpacking, I had a desire to eat something to deal with culture shock. Despite the fact you heaped lots of praise on Bumuelos and your brother`s favourite Egg cream, I was passionate about Hot dog. Now it`s my favorite food after panini.

    There was no time to laze around, so I chose a job (Newsie), cause I want to work in the open air. Also, I pick the type of household (cooking): I want to do my bit and do people I live with good. However, I need to unwind and recharge my batteries sometimes. And I like your way to get away from it all – music. It really helps.

     I just want to thank you one more time. You helped me to get accustomed to this vibrant city. And if there are some difficulties, I will be able to rough it because of you.
Thanks you

Your Max


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№ 13 News Travels Fast

      It is needless to say that students of our department always take part in different events. Moreover, they often organize them and attract attention of the whole academy. “The classical music concert” was one of the most breathtaking evenings having enormous success. Students could enjoy brilliant compositions of Frederic Chopin, Sergei Rachmaninoff and many others. Except the magnificent performance of Jana Timchuk, who, of course, won a lot of praise, unsurpassed saxophonist Roman Romanyuk and violinist Oksana Voznyarska helped make this evening even more charming. It`s very good our department helps realize students' ambitions as well as having a significant impact on their self-improvement.

   We have an exclusive interview with a creator of this concert-Jana Timchuk.

     Jana, firstly, congratulations on this spectacular show. Now you can celebrate the achievements. What do you feel right now? 

    Well, I know this musical performance is highly praised by critics, but I should give credit to my parents and friends, who supported me, and, of course, to my department for this opportunity. 

    News leaks out that this is not your last concert. Could you not be economical with the truth and reveal a secret about your plans?

    Oh, I cannot let you in on a secret right now. I have one great idea, but I`m afraid to talk it up. You will see it. I won`t be able to cover it up for a long time, so very soon I`ll reveal the truth. I promise.

    Recently, we have been conducting an opinion poll and it emerged that a vast majority of students don`t listen to classical music. Do you think we need to organize more events like this in order to make them more interested in it?

   I fully accept this idea. Moreover, I would heap praise on the heads of our radio, if they turned on more classical music. It is both wonderful and beneficial for our health. So, yes, I agree.

  That`s it. Thank you so much for your time and this evening. 

  Thanks you for coming.

№ 12 His Story

     Our history is rich in brilliant historical figures, who caused the sensations. And today I want to create the awareness about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, one of the greatest composers of all time.
     He was born in 1756 in Salzburg. Members of his family were musicians and it had a huge effect on his life. Mozart started to produce the results from the very childhood: at the age of 4 he wrote his first concerto for harpsichord with orchestra; at 11 – first opera. Definitely, he won the respect of his father and other musicians. His first concerto was so difficult, that some of his father`s colleagues failed miserably trying to play it. From this time very young Mozart was taken seriously.
     During his life he attracted support and interest making dramatic musical improvement. Once he was offered to head the chapel in Berlin, but he refused and later suffered the consequences not having enough money. Sometimes he didn`t finish the compositions, because things go badly wrong, and he started to teach playing the instruments to provide his leaving. However, he made a good progress and success was guaranteed. He started to compose and more and more people admired his talent. He finally could enjoy the fruits of his hard work.
    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart died in 1791. He wrote approximately 600 compositions, which have a major impact on music in general. It`s easier to win the war with one soldier than overestimate his useful contributions. Even scientists said Mozart`s music has a lot of positive influence on our mind`s work.

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№11 Money matters

Hi guys.
I`ve recently played the game "Spent" and like to share my experience.
The purpose of the game is to "survive" for 30 days with just 1000$. In this game to make ends meet was really a challenge and first time I spent all my money on 8th day.

 After that I understood I need to be more careful about spending and started to keep track of my outgoings. The whole game I was living on a shoestring, sometimes was even stingy about myself. For example, didn`t take health insurance or refuse going to a doctor, when I had some problems. But about my child I wasn`t so tight: I bought him ice cream, let go to the birthday party and museum.

I paid off all my bills, so I could not afford to go to the wedding of my best friend and a concert. I ended up with 284$ being as thrifty as I could.

№10 Sound Mind in a Sound Body

Do you know that Jeanne Calment had been living for 122 years 164 days and it is an absolutely world record? “How is it possible”, ask you. We do not know. But we know top 4 tips how to increase your longevity.

  • Take up exercises. We are not saying to work out every single day and follow a strict fitness program. You can do ordinary exercises: from the chin-up to push up. Going without a car sometimes and just going for a walk is also a wonderful thing.
  • Eat well. Yes, it`s obvious, but many people forget about it. Having a hearty breakfast is the main part of the day. A brilliant thing is to increase levels of veggies and fish such as trout or salmon. Boiling them is also better than frying, because in this way they can save all minerals and vitamins.
  • Have a regular medical checkup. Stop putting off the decision about visiting a doctor. If you are given a chance to be examined by a medical practitioner – take it. Doing it twice a year would be a wise decision.
  • Feed your head. Learning a new language, doing crosswords are “nutrients” for your brain too. Don`t forget to keep it engaged.

As you see, all these tips are not unusual and we hope you take our advices and will think ahead.